who we are

A Sustainable Innovation Company

MolyWorks Materials Corporation is bringing additive recycling to the world.

We create metallic alloy powders from scrap.

We use 3D printing to create metal parts.

Our story

mobile foundry

MolyWorks has developed a deployable recycling foundry which converts metallic scrap into metal powders for additive manufacturing.

SBIR awards

We have been awarded two DoD SBIR contracts for battlefield scrap recycling powder production (Phase II, US Army) and additive manufacturing of landing gear components (Phase II, US Air Force)

Expeditionary manufacturing

A deployable manufacturing system can be used in remote locations to create a closed-loop part life cycle. Parts which frequently break may be melted, converted to powder, and printed into new parts.

Our patented process minimizes waste and lessens environmental impact while providing strategic and economic benefits.