our Founders

“Wherever the scrap metal is, that’s where you need to be able to convert it into a product again.”
- Christopher Eonta, Founder

Phil Ward

Phil holds a Masters in Engineering from Cambridge UK. Beginning in UK with engine design at Ford and nuclear plants at CEGB, he was a field engineer with Schlumberger. Starting in China and working across the world in wireline operations, drilling, testing, artificial lift and well completions. He was a field operations manager in multiple locations, engineering manager for realtime telemetry systems and surface software, and later global head of engineering and manufacturing for well completions. He was President Director of Indonesia business unit for 5 years, he managed the integration of Cameron into Schlumberger for Europe and Africa, and was Global VP of all commercialized technology (TLM) for 3 years before joining MolyWorks to expand operations into Asia, where Phil has spent half of his career.

Christopher Eonta
Executive VP

Christopher was awarded his B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering. He has a successful history with commercializing products and the internatinoal distribution of capitol equipment. He is a former Robert Johnk Scholar and Membrane Technology Research Scholar.

Matthew Charles
Chief Technology Officer

Having designed, fabricated, developed and scaled up metallurgical systems, Matthew is an industry expert. His degree is in Manufacturing Engineering and he built the first Greyhound System in his front yard.

Andrew LaTour
Chief Innovation Officer

With more than 12 years of extensive R&D experience, Andrew has designed and built several pilot systems, invented chemical formulations and material formulations, while also performing bench-top research.
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