About Us

Since 2015, MolyWorks has been developing a deployable recycling foundry for processing metallic scrap materials into alloy powders.  An additive manufacturing development center at MolyWorks has been in operation since 2017.  We currently have two SBIR contracts with the United States Army and Air Force for recycling of battlefield scrap (Phase II) and additive manufacturing of landing gear components (Phase I).

MolyWorks’ core competency is recycling and production of metal powders.  We have experience producing metal powders from a variety of feedstocks/material types and we have developed novel equipment to perform recycling of parts into powder.  We have successfully demonstrated recycling of twelve unique alloys to produce Additive Manufacturing (AM)-grade materials.  Metal powders produced by the Mobile Foundry have been found to have high sphericity and good flowability, even in the finer particle sizes (< 45 µm).  In most cases, chemical composition of the recycled scrap materials has met material specifications and remained contaminant free after being processed into powders.  We also have experience performing additive manufacturing with LENS, DMLS, cold-spray, EBM, and MELD.  Thus far, five alloy powders from our foundry have been demonstrated with AM.  Successful repairs have been performed with cold-spray, MELD, and LENS.  LENS has also been used to produce material test coupons which met ASTM standards for mechanical properties.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Services

  • Alloy Development
  • AM Grade Metal Powder
  • Additively Manufactured Parts
  • Metal Life Cycle Management