A shippable metallurgical system exists which can recycle battlefield scrap materials and produce high-quality metal powders for additive manufacturing. This system, called MolyWorks Mobile Foundry, consists of a 20′ intermodal container equipped with a patent-pending cold-hearth furnace and a gas atomizer. A plasma torch heat source is used to melt scrap metals which are alloyed in a mixing-hearth and subsequently atomized with high-velocity argon gas. Auxiliary systems to support melting and atomization include: electrical, inert gas, cooling water, and vacuum. MolyWorks Mobile Foundry can produce 5-20 kg of spherical metallic powder per hour. A large variety of alloys are able to be recycled by this system, including steel, copper, and reactive metals such as aluminum and titanium. No other conveniently shippable metallurgical system currently exists which can effectively recycle and atomize metals. MolyWorks Mobile Foundry will be used in Phase I to establish the technical and economic feasibility of the FOB recycling foundry desired by the Army. The Phase I process consists of obtaining metal scrap, analyzing by XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) removing contaminants and hazardous components, cutting large pieces to smaller than 6″ chunks, melting, correcting composition, and atomizing.



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