A shippable metallurgical system called the Mobile Foundry; is developed for deployable recycling of battlefield scrap metals and powder production. In Phase I, the current system was tested for capability to recycle steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and produce fine powders usable in additive manufacturing or cold spray. Technical feasibility of the Mobile Foundry has been demonstrated in Phase I, and powder produced is suitable for additive manufacturing or cold spray; however, the system has technical obstacles to commercialization such as high gas consumption. In Phase II, the current Mobile Foundry will be developed for commercial viability. Gas consumption will be reduced, yields will be improved, and ease of operation will be enhanced. Currently, the Mobile Foundry is at a TRL of 6. Over the course of the two-year Phase II project, a second-generation Mobile Foundry will be designed which, once constructed, will have a TRL of 7.




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